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Patient Care Services at Home in Ludhiana

Patient Care Services Ludhiana

Patient Care Services at Home in Ludhiana

The choice for home health care services is virtually endless. At Uriel Homecare service, we provide Nursing Care and skilled medical services, depending on the patient’s situation. Your doctor and you will decide on your care or treatment plan as well as any home support you may require.
Patient Care Services at Home in Ludhiana

Our Service Includes :-

Nursing Assistance

Nursing care is the most common type of home health care, depending on the individual’s requirements. A registered nurse will acquire a care plan in consultation with the doctor. Nursing care may involve wound dressing, medical care, injectable treatment, preventive care, monitoring the patient’s overall health, pain control, and other health assistance.

Social and Medical Services

Medical social workers offer a variety of services to patients, like counseling and accessing facilities to help in the patient’s recovery. Our carers also work as the patient’s care provider if the patient’s medical condition is severe and requires the alignment of several providers.

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy

During an illness or accident, some people may require assistance in relearning how to do daily tasks or improving their speaking. A physiotherapist can propose a treatment plan to assist a patient in regaining or improving more use of both joints and muscles. A care provider can help a patient who is experiencing physical, developmental, social, or emotional difficulties relearning everyday tasks including eating, bathing, dressing, and other activities. A caretaker can help a patient who is having a problem communicating clearly.

Home Health Aides Care

Home health aides can assist the patient with basic personal needs including getting out of bed, walking, showering, and clothing. Our attendants have received special training to assist with more care services while under the guidance of a nurse.

Physical Intimacy

Some patients who are alone at home may require the comfort and surveillance of another person. Some partners may also help out around the house.

Volunteer Assistance

Careers from service organizations can provide basic comfort to patients by providing companionship, aid with personal care, transportation, emotional support, and/or paperwork assistance.

Nutritional Assistance

Dietitians might come to patients’ homes to provide nutritional evaluations and counseling to supplement their treatment plans.

Why Choose Us?

From the first visit, Uriel Homecare services a highly skilled and experienced caretaker pro to build a customized treatment plan for you, putting you on the path to recovery.
Healthcare is an excellent treatment option for diseases that do not have a medical answer. We are known for offering clients dependable and high-quality Patients Care Services in Jalandhar. Our skilled staff treats clients who have physical issues caused by an accident, aging, or sickness. With compassion and care, they evaluate and propose treatment plans for individuals’ health problems. We offer reliable and effective Homecare services to patients in Ludhiana. Our experienced team of specialists, who are very professional in their work, provides these home health care services.
Do you or a loved one require some additional assistance in your home? Housework, activities, and personal duties can be difficult or dangerous for many people to complete on their own. When your loved one needs help showering and dressing, our care services are customized to their specific requirements.
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