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Physiotherapy in Jalandhar

Physiotherapy Service at Home

Physiotherapy in Jalandhar

Uriel Homecare is the best physiotherapist in your area. We are available for home visits for the elderly and nursing home care. Our physiotherapists treat patients via exercise and therapy in the comfort of their own homes. Explain your pain or condition to our experts of Uriel, the Physiotherapy Service provider in Jalandhar. who are skilled and specialize in giving physiotherapy at home with an effective treatment. Make an appointment for physiotherapy for an in-home diagnosis.
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When do you require a Physiotherapist Visit at Home?

Sports Injury

Have you been injured while playing and the pain seems to be getting worse? A physiotherapist can help you get rid of discomfort rapidly and return to your playground as soon as possible.

Being in chronic pain

Chronic pain is usually described by specialists when it continues longer than 3-6 months. Physiotherapy may undoubtedly help with the diagnosis and healing of dysfunctional nerves, muscles, and bones.


Cardiac rehab is used to treat ailments such as angina, heart attack, and stroke. Within a few weeks of therapy, therapeutic measures can help minimize risks and enhance the quality of life.

Rehabilitation Following Surgery

Have you ever had surgery, such as a knee or hip replacement, or any other type of surgery? Physiotherapy may be quite beneficial in the beginning to relieve pain and help the body and muscles restore strength and flexibility.

Back Ache

Do you have lower back discomfort as a result of inappropriate lengthy sitting or inactivity? Is it connected to neck discomfort, shoulder pain, muscular imbalance, or something else? You can contact a Physical Therapist in Jalandhar who specializes in quickly and gently treating your discomfort.

Neurological Problem

Conditions such as cerebral paralysis and Parkinson’s disease have a significant impact on the patient’s movement. Some of these may be Traumatic Neurological Conditions, but they all benefit greatly from physiotherapy.

Why choosing a Home Care Service for Physiotherapy is best?

When someone is injured by an accident, sickness, or handicap, physiotherapy is one of the finest treatments to restore functionality and mobility. It also assists patients in gaining physical strength, function, and mobility. Here are the main advantages of receiving Physiotherapy in Jalandhar
We are dedicated to providing high-quality, sensitive, and dependable treatment and support. We assist your loved ones in healing in the comfort of their own home. We provide trained assistants and nurses to help patients in their homes who require clinical expertise with compassion and care.
Patients feel calmer in their own houses, therefore instead of going to a busy clinic, you may hire a physiotherapist in your own home. Even if the clinic is not overcrowded, the atmosphere at the two locations is vastly different, and patients would prefer to receive physiotherapy at home.
Because no travel is required, the cost of doing so is also avoided. Furthermore, because physiotherapy is a practice that requires several visits, up to three times every week, house visits are always very effective and find ease for the patient.
No question that receiving physiotherapy in the comfort of your own home will provide several benefits. You may make an appointment here depending on your availability. As a result, travel time is decreased, and also the elements such as tension and weariness are.
Receiving physiotherapy treatments at home also provides family members with the security of being able to observe the procedure. In addition, if the patient needs more care or facilities, the family can provide these at home.
Many people with disabilities are unable to access regular clinics. Because patients have more mobility and control of their surroundings in their most comfortable location, physiotherapy at home simplifies access difficulties.
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